Dear members of the Tea Club,

dear authors and readers, before you a virtual version of the first volume of the Tea Club Annuals, published in © Lubyanitsky Literature Publishing House in 1986.

Hopefully, a virtual life of this edition will be longer and richer samizdat analogue. For us has the opportunity to join a huge number of authors and readers! And it will emerge as a result of your thought-provoking research in one way or another, by you and open the field of science.

Tea Club exists in the Research Department Of Automated Systems For Research & Mathematical Simulations Of The Khimtekhnologiya Institute since time immemorial - since when we were still young... In some incomprehensible as it is to this day. Well, the first 5 articles of our collection (not counting the editorial and 'Theories of humor' by K. Glinka) give rise to new directions in science. And because Red Hat, not the continuation of the compilation series 'Physicists joke', 'The musicians laugh' etc.

How it all began?

An para-science activities of Tea Club members has flourished along with the flourishing of the All-Union socialist competition of young scientists and planners, as for writing and publication of serious scientific articles accrue points and issued quarterly bonuses.

Then it had been 'sucked from the finger' para-scientific themes of our research. The first article was written by Tea Club members January 13, 1984. Studies of subjective sensations of thermal comfort was the beginning. The impetus is to create the Tea Club Annuals served as the two publications. One of them is in the UNESCO Courier of the Digest Of The Worm Runner's. Other article by B.N. Volgin 'Theory Of Theories: A Handbook For Young Scientists'. (Unfortunately, we were unable to contact the author of the article, because it is published in violation of his copyright, for which we apologize. If B.N. Volgin or someone who knows him is reading this text, please write in Tea Club. We will do what you ask.) In 1986 the Tea Club was conducted profound research in this field of knowledge. It showed that the foundation of all publications are finding all the economists: the principal, senior engineers and economists, as well as the great, brilliant, and others - none of which are not used in the argument, widely known in the non-economic literature. Members of the Tea Club L.I. Yarmolinsky, A.E. Prilutsky, A.E. Zadov and E.I. Lubyanitsky completed a review of Russian and Soviet literature. In the literature, ignored by economists, they found the consideration of pricing principles and description of the methods of cost calculation, investigation of the influence of individual pricing factors.

We appeal to you, the Tea Club members,

to you, authors and readers, the wish to continue creative work in this direction, using the very serious scientific and para-scientific, techniques that employ scientists around the world and asking them to send the results of your research in the editorial board of the Tea Club Annuals. In this regard, we propose to review the international literature on the topic Price-Building Trends In Society. Authorship of your research will be witnessed.

Quoting the founder of the theory of theories, 'we wish the prosperity of the science, you come up with!'