T.E.Nefedova, L.I.Voytyuk (Rakova), A.E.Prilutsky. To The Question On A Subjective Sensation An Thermic Convenience.

The work is denoted to the problem of a study of the subjective sensation of the termic convenience (SSTC).

We discovered the evident subjective hyperpyrexia in the field of temporary that lay in a small vicinities (area) of the spot which we give a conditional name "a launch". A presence of a such regularity allows us to develop certain recommendations on an inte nsification labour and raising its productivity. In particular we offered to leave from the generally accepted scheme workday to depart from the generally accepted workday scheme:

"a work - a launch - a work"

and change it on more complex structure including "connecting" modes:

"a work - not a work - a launch - not a work - a work".