A. Phenomenko, Ac .A. A NEW ARITHMETICS.

After coming to power of Bolsheviks in 1917 and an establishment of the planned economy based on the account and the control, the new authorities constantly demanded from heads of the enterprises and departments of escalating of volumes of output. It was impossible to give out more and more high indicators in real terms, therefore the artful people managing statistics, have been compelled to search for ways to start up to the heads for a dust in eyes, giving out the overestimated figures. It was possible to make it only in one way: having increased a number of natural numbers at the expense of introduction in it the fictitious members representing duplicates of the presents. To deceive in such a way the ignorant proletarians operating then the state, did not make work, and the old intelligency, capable to distinguish to a deceit and to give its publicity, have urgently destroyed as enemies of the people or at least have shut a mouth, declaring everything that people "not told that" origins, alien anti-Soviet conjectures.